An Exam Week Prayer

During this time of the year, in the church, we celebrate “Emmanuel,” i.e., God’s being with us. I do not know if we could imagine a more perfect and timely sentiment not only for the church but, also, for a college. As you start your finals, grade those papers, finish those reports, may we all remember that God is with us, and may God’s presence bring peace, comfort, and hope in the midst of it all.

For chapel this week, we will gather in the planetarium for a special Christmas themed prayer service on Wednesday at 7pm. This seasonal and stress-reducing service is open to everyone.

Have a wonderful week, and remember that God is always with us. Peace!

May God be before us in our planning.
May God be behind us in our remembering.
May God be beside us in our caring.
May God be within us in our daring.
But, most of all, may God simply be with us.